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Leslie on the Issues


Vision and Evidence-based Solutions

  • Successfully advocated for additional funding for environmental sustainability for the new Village facilities

  • Working towards to a long-term vision for downtown Downers Grove, including support for a complete streets plan

  • Ensuring sustainability of village resources and finances

  • Exploring new stormwater retention opportunities and ensure creeks, ponds, and other waterways are stable



Transparency and Community Input

  • Solidified a process by which Board and Commission members are appointed

  • Opening lines of communication with residents about village ordinance and process

  • Regularly communicating on social media and eager to meet with any community member ensure all voices are heard

  • Advocating on behalf of all residents, including those who have often been left out of the conversation

Community Development

For a More Equitable Future

  • Successfully advocated for a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan to ensure representation in all levels of municipal government

  • Ensured that the Ad-hoc Human Services Commission's recommendations were addressed, including the hiring of a Village Social Worker

  • Consistently recommending improvements to Village Strategic Plans to ensure Downers Grove is a community in which everyone feels a sense of pride and belonging

  • Maintaining strong relationships with Downers Grove non-profits and businesses to ensure residents' needs are met

Pride Parade
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